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In 2005, The Rick Smith Show stepped into a local radio world devoid of progressive talk.  Rick took his straight shooting no nonsense Teamster outlook to the air and started mixing it up with conservatives from one of the reddest areas north of the Mason Dixon line. The Rick Smith Show grew steadily, attracting listeners starved for a voice that spoke to working stiffs who felt the economic floor crumbling beneath them. Rick just celebrated 10 years on the air this past Labor Day.

Rick comes by his outlook honestly. He grew up in the housing projects of the west side of Cleveland, ducking local gangs while doing paper routes and odd jobs to help feed his family. After high school, he went out on his own, driving 18 wheelers as a proud union member. Nowadays, Rick, a father of three, is on the front lines of the class work every weekday from 3pm-6pm. He feels the calling to spread the word about the desperate needs facing workers, and to make the world a better place for kids growing up in what is becoming an America of rich and poor.

Rick believes somebody has to wake up the American working class to engage in the democratic process, but not in the corporate-funded Tea Party fashion. The show airs Monday-Friday 3pm-6pm on several stations Pennsylvania, on the internet, and is available as a podcast.


Steve HornSteve Horn is a Madison, WI-based investigative journalist. A Research Fellow for DeSmogBlog.com and Contributing Editor for CounterPunch Magazine, his reporting focuses on energy and climate, foreign policy and energy geopolitics, higher education, money in politics and lobbying, the public relations industry, among other things. He has written for Al Jazeera America, Vice News, CounterPunch, TruthOut, TruthDig, AlterNet, Wisconsin Watch, The Progressive Magazine, PR Watch, Friends of the Earth Magazine and other outlets.
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Katie Klabusich is a contributing writer for The Establishment, host of The Katie Speak Show on Netroots Radio and a founding board member of The Clinic Vest Project. Her work can also be found at Rolling Stone, Truthout, RH Reality Check, and Bitch Magazine.
Katie’s culture change work spans a number of stigmatized topics and issues — both on and offline — including: abortion, poverty, mental health, non-monogamy, rape culture, domestic violence, substance abuse, and the use of inclusive language in writing and organizing.
Zach 250x250Zach D. Roberts is a photo/video journalist whose work has been published in the Observer, The Guardian Online, TheNation.com, The Village Voice, Al Jazeera America and Truthout.com. For the past 8 years he’s been working as a researcher/producer for investigative journalist Greg Palast. He produced several DVD’s and news pieces for BBC Newsnight. Also researched and photographed award winning investigations for The Nation, Al Jazeera America and Rolling Stone magazine. Zach has been detained in New Orleans by Exxon Mobil security, investigated by the FBI and beaten and trampled by the NYPD all to get the story. Currently he splits his time between Alaska and upstate New York. You’ll find most of his work on TheMudflats.net as he’s the multi-media editor there.